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Water & National Resources in Sudan
2014-04-01 14:20:55

Water & National Resources in Sudan

  The Renaissance Dam In 1904 a study was conducted by the United States Bureau of reclamation. The study identified 26 sites for constructing dams in Ethiopia. The most important site was the current Renaissance Dam project, which located on Alabaly River, the largest river in Ethiopia .  The incoming water was estimated by 25 billion cubic meters, the Dam is situated just about 20 km from the Sudanese border in Bani Shangol Region. In February 2011 the government of Ethiopia declared the start of the construction work of the Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile for the purpose of ،...

Sudan and the United States of America
2014-02-19 00:00:00

Sudan and the United States of America

Statement of Shirley Christian, Business ManagerFrutarom, Inc., North Bergen, New JerseyTestimony Before the Subcommittee on Tradeof  the House Committee on Ways and MeansHearing on the Use and Effect of Unilateral Trade SanctionsMay 27, 1999Thank you Mr. Chairman and members of the Subcommittee for this opportunity to testify. My name is Shirley Christian. I am pleased to testify today on behalf of Frutarom, Inc. in my capacity as Business Manager of Frutarom Meer’s gum division. Frutarom is a leading processor and supplier of gum arabic in the world, and one of only three processors i،...

Sudan & South Sudan Relations
2014-02-13 00:00:00

Sudan & South Sudan Relations

Comprehensive Peace AgreementMEKELLE AgreementAgreement on Banking Agreement on Border Issues Agreement on Certain Economic MattersAgreement on Post Service Benefits Sudan&South  Agreement on Security Arrangements Agreement on trade Sudan &South Sudan Cooperation AgreementFramework Agreement on the Stuts of Nationals of the State Related Matters ،...

Report of the Committee On Handing over of Projects of Darfur Transitional Authority For the period 2007 – 2011
2014-02-05 00:00:00

Report of the Committee On Handing over of Projects of Darfur Transitional Authority For the period 2007 – 2011

Introduction Like other States of the Sudan, the State of the grate Darfur enjoy a number of development projects in the different fields of development, some of which are financed through the national development budget, such as the Road of Al Ingaaz Al Gharbi (Western salvation road), the Martyr Sabrah Airport, Abu Jabrah railroad, Neiala and El-Obied transport line – Al Foulah, Neiala - Al Fasher. Other projects are funded from States’ development budget, such as the project of water harvest, the project of States internal routes, the project of the Marrah Mountain (Jabal Marrah)- ،...

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Protocol between the Government of Sudan and SPLM/A on the Resolution of Abyei ConflictAbyei Area Referendum ACT 2009How the Abyei experts exceeded their mandate Arbitration Agreement between The Government of Sudan and The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement on Delimiting Abyei Area Agreement Of Temporary Arrangements For Administration And Security Of The Abyie Area.Agreement Between The Government of Sudan And The UN Concerning The Status of The UNISFA . AUHIP Proposals Towards a Resolution of The Issue of AbyeiAUHIP TFA Proposal Final Sudan Legal Note 27.12 LASTThe Republic of Sudan ،...

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Investment in Sudan

  • Of the major factors which represent an attraction to investors are the following :

    1- Sudan’ s strategic location

    which represents an entrance to Africa from the east and the fact that it is neighbored by African countries a few to which Sudan represents to the only sea outlet. The location on the Red Sea makes Sudan the centre of international markets; Middle East, Far East, Asia, Europe, and the USA as well as the recipient of ships crossing the into the Red Sea through the Suez Canal. Sudan is tied to some of the neighboring countries by airlines, roads, sea, and river transport.

    2- Sudan’ s rich resources

    these include agricultural land and fresh water resources, such as rivers, rain, and under ground water. These are in addition to forests, meadows, animal resources and mineral resources which include petroleum, gold and other precious metals. Sudan is characterized by the availability of human resources represented in vocational labor, highly skilled graduates and very cheap rates for the available labor. ’ s monopoly of certain

    3- Infrastructure and Service Facilities

     - The infrastructure and service facilities are updateable in the light of the government policies. - To enhance the investment environment and keep up with the expected growth which is due after the discovery of petroleum and the establishment of peace in Sudan, the establishment of roads, railways, seaports, airports (national and international), telecommunications, electricity generation stations, water purification facilities, sanitation networks and others are very important. - A shift towards the enhancing the state of industrial areas, and building new industrial cities supplied with all the services necessary for investment are essential. -The availability of free zones in Suakin and El-Jaili cities grant encouraging exemptions to investors. -The availability of a banking sector, insurance sector, auditing, financial, technical and legal consultancy services. -The availability of educational and health facilities of high standard which contribute to providing necessary services to citizens and expatriates. -The availability of a modern construction sector which contributed to the abundance of houses, and offices rising to fulfill investors’  requirements. 

    4- Political stability

     which is represented in the federal governing system which divided the country into 3 levels; the Federal, State and local levels and which guarantees participation by all citizens. - The country is run by a central government from the national capital Khartoum. -The country is divided into 26 states, each with its own government -The government looks forward to solving the problem of the south to establish stability and security in the southern states and the entire county. -Sudan is also characterized by its independent judicial system which is capable of resolving all conflicts. Sudanese judicial and legislative systems are characterized by indiscrimination among Sudanese citizens and foreigners 

    5-Economic policies which include

     - Liberalizing the economy- Restructuring the economy (privatization of public corporations ending the State ‘ s monopoly of certain production and service fields).- Modernization of laws and regulations of investment encouragement- Implementing a flexible investment law which provides all sorts of exemptions and concessions which include the following :• complete exemption from customs fees for capital projects• freedom of capital transfer• simplify procedures through a single outlet “One Stop Shop”• grant exemptions from profit taxes of 5 to 10 years for investment projects• grant customs exemptions for strategic projects and non-strategic capital goods• strategic projects are given the necessary land free-of-charge• non-strategic projects are given land at an encouragement price• the investor has the right to operate without a Sudanese partner 

    The investment law has provided the following fundamental guarantees :

     • no confiscation of property will occur except through the legal system and after payment of a reasonable compensation• the investor has the right to re-transfer the capital in case the project isn’ t executed or is liquidated• transfer of profits and costs of finance will be executed in the currency of import and on the date due (after payment of the legal duties)• the project is automatically included in the registry of importers and exporters.

    Regional and international agreements

    to promote the investment climate the Sudanese government has established number of regional agreements aimed at encouraging investment and creating trade opportunities with other nations:• Sudan joined the COMESA trade bloc• Sudan is looking forward to joining the World Trade Organization• Sudan is attempting to join the Arab Free Trade Organization in 2007• Sudan has strengthened relations with regional and international organizations and corps related to investment

    Investment services

    Dear Investor :We at the investors’  services administration work to serve and protect you and facilitate your tasks with the accuracy and speed required…. We request that you consider the following:1.Come by yourself to invest; supervise the project and get consultancies from specialists in investment2.Do not sell the project, change its activities or sell its equipment until after completion and operation3.Always consider reading the investment law and its executive rules and the basis and regulations which organize investment to advance with the investment process and play your role in the countries economic development4.Your constant updating of the ministry through progress reports on the execution of the project, places you in the category of special projects and extends cooperation between you and the Ministry of Investment. 

    Procedural steps for investment transactions

     Application for a new license1.Provide 2 copies of the technical and economic feasibility studies 2.A copy of the company registration and a certificate of establishment if the owner is a specified company3.Fill in the form prepared for that purpose after paying an application fee of 15,800 dinars (fifteen thousand eight hundred dinars)4.Pay the application fee5.The study is then transferred to the concerned ministry to obtain the technical agreement for establishment of the project6.Issue a primary consent to the project7.Register a name for the project with the Delegate Commercial Registrar in the Ministry of Investment8.Issue a final license for the project acceding with followed rules9.Please submit an agency agreement authorized by a lawyer if the project is to be supervised by someone other than the owner or in the case of companies 

    Application for Activity Change

     Firstly: the conditions1. the new activity must be an encouraged activity2. no planning, environmental or health impediment should existSecond: required documents1. a copy of the license for the first activity2. a copy of the business name3. a valid ownership certificate or rental contract4. application to the administrationThird: the procedures1. payment of the application fees2. the application is transferred to the specialized sector for analysis3. after the consent is issued a new business name should be registered for the new activity at the Delegate Commercial Registrars department.4. the license of the new activity is issued after payment of required legal fees 

    Addition of a production line to an existing project

     - First: the conditions1. the main line must be readily executed and is working in an acceptable manner2. the availability of a suitable area for the new line3. the new should not oppose the old line in any technical or planning manner- Second: required documents1. a copy of the license granted to the first line2. a copy of the business name3. an ownership certificate or rental contract- Third: procedures1. payment of the application fees2. obtain approval from the concerned technical party3. transfer the application to the concerned sector for examination, issue consent and then transfer the consent to the Commercial Registrar to add a new line to the original business name4. Issue a license or decision after payment of the required fees 

    Transfer of ownership

     - First : the conditions1. execution of the project to a reasonable extent not less than 60% of the required structures2. it is not possible to transfer empty land granted in accordance with the investment encouragement act- Second : required documents1. submit a valid ownership certificate of the transferred project2. a copy of the projects license3. a copy of the business registration4. a primary concession contract from a recognized legal body5. an application to the ministry for acceptance of the concession- Third : procedures1. payment of application fees2. transfer of the application to the specialized sector for examination3. a field visit to the project by the monitoring department and preparation of a report explaining the execution of the project4. the application will be transferred to the ministry’ s legal consultant to ascertain the legality of the proceeding5.consideration of the application in agreement or disagreement; incase of agreement the project is registered with the Delegate Commercial Registrar in the ministry6. issue a final license to the owner and a new business nameForming or ending a partnershipAs long as the purpose of involving a new partner is fully executing the project then agreement to this will be issued after the following documents are submitted :1. a copy of the business registration2. a copy of the license3. a valid ownership certificate4. a partnership contract ratified by a legal body5. an application to the administration requiring the transaction 

    Mortgaging the project for finance

     - First : the conditions1.the project must be executed to an extent allowing the mortgage of the buildings not the granted land2.a letter from a bank clarifying the purpose of finance which must be for the operation or execution of the project- Second : required documents1. a copy of the license2. a copy of the business registration3. a valid ownership certificate4. a banks letter of finance- Third : procedures1. payment of application fees2. transfer the application to the concerned sector3. a field visit is executed by the monitoring department and a report is prepared showing the extent of execution4. the documents are revised by the ministry’ s legal counsel5. consideration of the application and making the decision concerned 

    General rules

     - First : cars and other transport means are not allowed except after the capital equipment is imported-Second: the project is not granted a tax exemption for more than 10 years except after the project is proven a strategic one with a capital of 10 million dollars and a budget audited by a legal auditor-Third : capital equipment has become an automatic concession with 0 customs and does not need any exemption- Fourth : rehabilitating the industrial projects now enjoys a constant percentage for business profits which is 10% instead of 30%For more Information